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    5 Ways to Achieve Success this Black Friday
    Black Friday has become more and more popular over the past few years and the sales that occur on this day have skyrocketed! The term ‘Black Friday’ originally came about when police officers used the...
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    Ecommerce for Builders Merchants in a Post-Pandemic World
    The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown was a game-changer for all industries across the UK. No one could really predict what would happen, but it turned out to be highly beneficial for building merchants and in...
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    Google Keyword Planner Get’s a New Feature
    Having an effective keyword strategy in your PPC campaigns is crucial in order for them to be a success! Google Keyword Planner has a new feature which is going to help you with making sure...
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    All You Need to Know About Multimedia Ads
    Since the early 2000s, search advertising has increased significantly, and every company is asking themselves how to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The solution to that problem is multimedia advertising. When multimedia ads were first...
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    Why Choose Microsoft Clarity?
    After the global pandemic that caused businesses to close their brick and mortar stores and stopped people from going out shopping it highlighted the importance of having a top quality website. The pandemic affected businesses...
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    Yoma & Epicor’s Partnership to Accelerate B2B Ecommerce in the UK
    At Yoma, we actively look to form partnerships with complementary companies that will help strengthen our eCommerce offering to our clients. It allows us to offer the best service and expertise possible to deliver outstanding...
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